The Real Reason for Novak's Bizarre Aus Open Final Energy Collapse


When Novak Djokovic was reflecting on his bizarre collapse of energy during the Aus Open final against Dominic Thiem, he said this:

"There was definitely an emotional aspect to all of this. With all the experience that I've had, I'm still nervous, still stressed out about what's going to happen, how am I going to play.

"Then there was one point where I just said 'OK, I have to accept it. It is what it is. Let's try to do everything possible to come back.'

Often when I work with players individually, or when consulting to coaches regarding player competitive issues, we discover that, at least in part, a lack of awareness and acceptance of the normally occurring stresses/fears of competing are at the core of the issue. 

Watch the video above where Novak discusses the skill he used to be able to regain his focus and recommit to actions that helped him continue his march to becoming the greatest male player to ever play the game.

Where To Start?

When considering where to start with mental training, its best to keep it really simple while players get the hang of it.

And I've learned one great way to help players begin is through what's called mindfulness training. This is the training that Djokovic and current US Open champion Bianca Andreescu have both talked extensively about considering as important to their success as physical training.

And it's almost always best to start this practice aiming and maintaining attention of physical sensations while stretching or doing a physical activity. From there players can begin to progress attention and self-awareness skills in other ways.  

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