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Mental Toughness Made Simple Class

A class designed to help players simplify mental toughness and win more matches...



If you or your child tend to struggle with any of the following then our class will help:

  • Not playing as well in matches as practice
  • Getting tight or passive when leading
  • Struggling with perfectionism and anger
  • Lacking confidence/self-belief  in matches
  • Tanking or giving up when things get tough
  • Having poor concentration
  • Struggling to respond well to obnoxious/cheating opponents

When Dreams Come True...

Head of Player Development at Mentally Tough Tennis Pat Flynn has been part of Canadian professional player Brayden Schnur's support team for the last year. In the last 6 months Brayden has been among the fastest rising players on the ATP Tour... Check out his incredible experience at the New York Open this year :-)



The class will consist of 4 Online Modules over 4 months (we've learned this is the best way to implement our complete PACT Method program). Each Module will include a Off-Court Session taught by Dr. Anthony Ross and an On-Court Session taught by Director of Player Development at Mentally Tough Tennis, Pat Flynn. You should allocate at least 2hr each month to complete each module. You can then practice activities within the module as much as you like before we release the next Module.

Module 1: Values Based Actions (Month 1)

In this Module we'll help participants to connect with the values that guide your best performance as well as commit to the actions that will increase the chance of your success in your matches.

Module 2: Emotional Fitness (Month 2)

In this module we'll help participants to develop the emotional fitness to respond well to match challenges like choking in matches, perfectionism, low confidence/self-belief, tanking, anger, and poor concentration

Module 3: The 75% Rule (Month 3)

In this module we'll teach participants how to overcome our brain's tendency to automatically focus attention on negative or dangerous aspects of our experience by using several crucial methods.

Module 4: Present Moment Attention (Month 4)

In module 4 we'll help participants improve the vital mental toughness skill of being able to aim and maintain attention in the present moment. This allows us to choose and execute our physical skills better and win more matches :-)

Want to see an example of a Module 1 On-Court Session activity with Pat Flynn?

Check this one out that Pat uses with players aged 11 to 65 including pros like Brayden Schnur, one of the fastest rising players on the ATP Tour this year. He has even used this himself to become one of the highest UTR rated players in the world for his age...



As a very cool free bonus we've decided to do something we've never offered before in this class. Each month throughout the class we're going to run a LIVE Workshop on the Module topic where we'll complete activities with you, revue recent Grand Slam examples of the module ideas, and you'll get to ask us any questions that are popping up for you as part of your training...

Our 'We're Not Happy if You're Not Happy' Guarantee

We’re not happy if you aren’t so if for any reason you aren’t completely wrapped with your investment simply let us know at at any time throughout the class, and not only will you not pay for any future modules but we’ll refund your money for the module you’re currently completing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've had heaps of questions coming in already about our Mental Toughness Made Simple Class. Here are answers to the most common questions:

1.) Is this a class that we can do in our own time, or do we need to log in at specific times?

A: You will receive access to the Modules in your Online Class Portal meaning you can choose any time to complete them. Live workshops will be run at the end of each Module and we will record them so you can access them in your portal if you can't attend live.

2.) What is the time commitment?

A: Approx. minimum of 2hr per month to complete the On-Court Session and Off-Court Session and 45min per month to take part in our free bonus live workshops.

3.) How long do we get access to the modules?

A: You will keep access to your portal after the class is completed so you can continue to use the learning to win more matches :-)

4.) What ages is the class suitable for?

A: The client is suitable for players as young as 11 and as old as you would like to win more matches...

5.) It looks like you work with mainly advanced players and pros...Will it be suitable for me?

We love working with all standards of players. We've developed this class from many years of work with juniors just starting out on their journey, to adults looking to beat their biggest rival, and of course to pros o the tour as well...




"Implementing the Mentally Tough Tennis PACT Method with our students was a key factor in our team winning the 2018 Australian High School Championships from among 500 teams"

Luke Bourgeois
McDonald College Head Coach

"Working with Mentally Tough Tennis on and off the court played a significant role in my development. It helped me get through my mental "slumps" and galvanised my fighting spirit. The process was an experience I've never got anywhere else"

Justin Barki
Highest ATP doubles ranking in the world for any junior 2018; Princeton University Freshman

"I’ve seen the benefits of 3 of my children learning the MTT PACT process both on and off the court for all of them. I was very excited to hear my 11 year-old daughter recently report applying the strategies to perform well when she felt very anxious before a school exam. I’ve even used the strategies myself when about to facilitate a large meeting at work"

Julie Llewellyn
Tennis Mother to 3 Players

"Learning the Mentally Tough Tennis PACT process was crucial in me becoming Junior World #1 and competing in the Australian Open main draw when I was just 16 years old. "

Jason Kubler
2018 Top 100 ATP Tour player

"The Mentally Tough Tennis team's expertise, passion, and care resulted in my son Jack going from virtually unranked as a 14 year-old to being selected as Roger Federer's 2015 Brisbane International hitting partner, and earning a scholarship to USC where he became an All-American. Witnessing Jack's personal and competitive development under their mentorship has been a great experience for both Jack and myself as a parent. "

Bill Jaede
Father of recent USC Graduate Jack Jaede

"It works, it all consolidated under pressure and I played the best tennis ever under pressure. Just won the club championship final against my biggest rival who players really aggressively and to whom I always lose under pressure. He had 4 set points in the 1st set and on the deciding point I hit a cracking first serve and won the point. I then won the next set 4-0. Thanks again for the MT coaching"

Frank P
Proud Club Champion

"What can I say...I became in my opinion one of the toughest guys in college tennis with your help...thanks for all you've done for me...I truly believe you can change careers"

Joao Monteiro
(2016 NCAA Division 1 Singles Tournament Final Four)

"Working with the MTT team has not only improved my competitive skill but also my work performance as well. Highly recommended!"

Jenny S
Senior Player

"Anthony was a warrior in the true sense of the word and he absolutely got the most out of his ability. If he wants to share his secrets on mental toughness and effective performance you better be part of it because he knows exactly what he is talking about"

Peter Smith
(5-Time NCAA Championship Winning USC Coach)

"When I was about to step out to play Rafael Nadal on the centre court at the Australian Open there was no one I would rather have had in the locker room preparing me for that challenge than the MTT team "

Robert Kendrick
Former Top 100 player

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