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 Free 20min Parent Guidance Session

Are you concerned about your child's tennis mental fitness?

Given that even the best coaches are generally poorly trained regarding mental toughness improvement, it's very likely that your child's coach is poorly advising your child's mental toughness development to some degree.

And without mental toughness, your child's efforts to improve technical and physical skill will prove meaningless. Because he or she won't be able to apply these skills in competition.

This results in approximately 75% of parents reaching the end of the junior tennis journey disappointed with their child's college or professional prospects.

And it's often only with the benefit of hindsight that parents learn that maturity and the coach's advice do not lead to growing out of mental toughness difficulties. Instead most children's poor mental habits grow stronger with age as the habits strengthen over time.

Our free 20min Parent Guidance Session is designed to help improve the direction of your child's mental toughness path now, before it's too late.

How It Works:

Step 1: Simply complete the form below.

Step 2: Once we receive it, we'll review your concerns as soon as possible.

Step 3: If we believe that your concerns for your child match our consulting skill set, our Head of Player Development will  contact you to organise your free 20min Parent Guidance Session.

During the session, we'll get more details about your child's challenges. We'll then explain the approach required to assist your child. We'll then guide you regarding both free and paid options for you to consider.

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Free 20min Parent Guidance Session 

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