'Make The PACT'

To Develop Skills That Support Success On and Off the Court

Join more than 3000 people in receiving free access to the world's best resources to develop skills that support success on and off the court (specific to your role)...

Who We Are...

Originally developed by psychologist and former Pepperdine All-American and Wimbledon competitor Dr. Anthony Ross, we're the creators of the PACT Mental Toughness Process...That's a process that we've used to support a huge number of players, parents, and coaches worldwide at all levels of the game to develop what we call 'healthy mental toughness'. 

We're super proud of the positive impact we've been able to make in partnering with coaches and families who share our mission to use tennis as a venue to not only help players win more on the court, but in life as well :-)...And while we've loved our work with Junior World #1's and ATP/WTA tour title winners competing against the likes of Federer, Williams, Djokovic, and Nadal; we also get excited about helping players of all ages and standards to compete more effectively and enjoyably.


Mentally Tough Tennis Programs

School/Academy 'Success 4 Life' Program

We've developed our 'Success 4 Life' program as a result of partnering with some super successful schools/junior academies in the last decade. So if your school/academy wants to separate yourself from others in better serving parents' greatest desires for their kids by offering a program that i.) focuses on developing player success for life and ii.) supports parental ability to collaborate in achieving this goal, its very likely that you'll want to join us. 


Family Membership Program

Our family membership is dedicated to providing your family with the world's highest quality guidance and support to help your child achieve 'healthy mental toughness' for tennis and life... Each year we'll conduct 8 exclusive online workshops for you covering the following key areas: Specific Issues, 'How To' Player Workshops, Parent Workshops, Special Guest Experts


'Make the PACT' Events

Join us to learn, practice and benefit from our PACT Performance Process in our 1 or 2 day 'Make the PACT' Events. These events are your way to fast track 'healthy mental toughness' on and off the court while having a lot of fun :-)


Complementary SKYPE Consult

Would you like the opportunity to talk/for your child to talk to one of our Certified MTT Performance Consultants? If so, apply now and if we think we can help we'll offer you a complementary personal consultation...Spots are limited.


Mentally Tough Tennis Books

Coaching Mentally Tough Tennis

Coaching Mentally Tough Tennis: Lessons From the Trenches draws on Dr. Anthony Ross's 15 years as coach, psychologist and researcher to 1st explore the psychological aspects of some huge ATP/WTA tour matches with the aim to help you better understand your own players’ maladaptive competitive behaviors.

And 2nd, he focuses on the knowledge and advice designed to develop your skill in helping your players achieve mental toughness. For example, how you can help your players respond better to nerves and frustration; how you can apply the latest brain science to your coaching; how you can avoid common traps regarding coaching the psychological aspects of the game; and how you can assist parents in appropriately supporting their children’s development of healthy mental toughness.


"Anthony was a warrior in the true sense of the word and he absolutely got the most out of his ability. If he wants to share his secrets on mental toughness and effective performance you better be part of it because he knows exactly what he is talking about"

Peter Smith
(5-Time NCAA Championship Winning USC Coach)

"Learning the Mentally Tough Tennis 4A Cycle process was crucial in me becoming Junior World #1 and competing in the Australian Open main draw when I was just 16 years old. I definitely think any young player looking to become their best should also complete the MTT programs."

Jason Kubler
Current Top 100 ATP Tour player

"I’ve seen the benefits of 3 of my children learning the MTT PACT process both on and off the court for all of them. I was very excited to hear my 11 year-old daughter recently report applying the strategies to perform well when she felt very anxious before a school exam. I’ve even used the strategies myself when about to facilitate a large meeting at work. "

Julie-Anne Llewellyn

"I've had the chance to follow Anthony's program through the huge impact he's had on my assistant coach Devin Bowen. We've taken Anthony's program, customized it for our players, and I saw the results of that first hand with a 23% improved win% for our returning players in 2015...I'm so fortunate to have had Anthony guide us through what can be a very complex part of the game."

David Roditi
(TCU; 2015 ITA National Coach of the Year)

"When I was about to step out to play Rafael Nadal on the centre court at the Australian Open there was no one I would rather have had in the locker room preparing me for that challenge than the MTT team "

Robert Kendrick
Former ATP Tour Player

"The Mentally Tough Tennis team's expertise, passion, and care resulted in my son Jack going from virtually unranked as a 14 year-old to being selected as Roger Federer's 2015 Brisbane International hitting partner, and earning a scholarship to USC where he is now an All-American. Witnessing Jack's personal and competitive development under their mentorship has been a great experience for both Jack and myself as a parent. "

Bill Jade
Father of current USC All-American Jack Jaede

Join more than 3000 people in receiving free access to the world's best resources to develop skills that support success in tennis and life (specific to your role)...