High School/ Academy 'Success 4 Life' Program

A mental toughness program to help you attract and satisfy more ideal families, improve player outcomes, and build your business...

Would You Like To:

  • Better attract and serve parents' greatest desires for their kids?
  • Provide a more well-rounded, positive experience for players (and parents) in your program?
  • Improve your program's reputation in the eyes of parents who are looking for the experience which best develops their child's success for life?
  • Experience more of your players going on to achieve a big scholarship to his/her best college fit, playing on the professional circuit, and ultimately living happy, healthy lives? 

If So, Here's How We Can Help...

At Mentally Tough Tennis, we've spent a lot of time in the last 10 years supporting coaches at all levels of the game, including several incredibly successful junior academies (private and national), as well as National Championship winning High School programs.

Having worked with so many junior coaches and programs, we understand the challenges you face...and also the opportunities to positively shape young lives. Its those challenges and opportunities that led us to join with Sydney's Voyager Academy this year in developing our 'Success 4 Life' program.  

While this program is certainly not right for every high school or academy, if you have a junior program (with at least 20 players) aimed at maximising college and even professional possibilities...if you would like your program to become more attractive to families who value their child's success on and off the court...if you would like to better satisfy those families...if you have a passion to improve the developmental experience of kids in your program so more of them thrive in tennis and life...and if you are motivated to build a better business, we'd love to explore with you whether you might be a good fit for our 2019 enrollment. If you're interested in learning more:

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Core Program Inclusions (Per Term)

Our 'Success 4 Life' program Is designed to help kids develop the mental skills that support success on and off the court. We do this via 'Term Themes' which contain an on-court session, an online learning module, a player workshop, and a parent workshop. In the 1st year players will experience the 4 Core Themes of our PACT Performance Process: Committing to Helpful Actions, Present Moment Attention, Emotional Fitness, and Making the PACT Performance Routine.

1 x 90min On-Court Session

One of the most challenging parts of coaching mental toughness is transferring the ideas into practical on-court sessions. We skill you to deliver a mental toughness session each term via: Pre-session coach workshops, A step-by-step session run-sheet complete with explanations on how to explain and debrief activities, Video examples of activity explanations and debriefs, and Player booklets.

1 x 60min Online Learning Module

Each family gets access to their own online-learning Portal where they can complete activities and review program resources. Each 'Term Theme' contains an online experience which you might choose to assign either as an independent or coach-led learning activity.

1 x 60min Online Player Workshop

Once per term we'll deliver an online Theme-based interactive player workshop. To successfully engage players we use video examples and activities designed to help players in both tennis and school contexts to support their best chance of success on and off the court...

1 x 30min Parent Workshop

Once per term we'll also provide a short parent workshop designed to help parents better support their children's high performance and healthy development. Workshops are based on those delivered by Dr. Anthony Ross during his PhD collaboration with Tennis Australia which resulted in both improved quality of parent support and player competitive responses.  

"Partnering with Mentally Tough Tennis has been a game changer for us in better serving parents' greatest desires for their children's success on and off the court..."

Luke Bourgeois
Voyager Academy Director; 2017 Tennis Australia Development Coach of the Year; Coach of the 2018 Australian Boys High School National Champions

Program Cost...



1 x On-Court Session

1 x Off-Court Session

1 x Online Parent Workshop

1 x Online Player Workshop

#Note: Each term we will provide an end of term quiz; Twice per year we will conduct bonus pre-tournament online workshops

#Note: A Mentally Tough Tennis consultant can be provided to lead the on-court sessions for a negotiated cost (Australia only)


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