We'll Help Your Players Win More...

  • Do you coach a player/players who is/are underachieving due to competitive challenges?
  • Are your efforts to help your player/players develop mental toughness not resulting in the improved win % you desire?
  • Are you determined to make more of a positive difference in your player's/players' lives, on and off the court?
  • Would you like to have more job security, earn more, or have better future job prospects? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here's how we can help...

Pro Tour Coaches...

Player Consulting

Is the pro tour player you coach underachieving due to competitive challenges? If so, we can likely help the player win more often...


Coach Professional Development Program

This 12- week program is coming soon :-)

College Coaches

We'll come to you to provide team off/on-court consulting (including coach professional development if you wish)

On-Site Team Consulting

We'll come to you to provide consulting ranging from a 1/2 day to multiple visits per year. This typically has a focus team off/on-court sessions, but we can also provide coach professional development as well.

This offer will be available in the fall of 2020 :-)

Coach Professional Development Program

This 12- week program is coming soon :-)

Coaching Mentally Tough Tennis Book

In Coaching Mentally Tough Tennis: Lessons From the Trenches draws on Dr. Anthony Ross's 15 years as coach, psychologist and researcher to 1st explore the psychological aspects of some huge ATP/WTA tour matches with the aim to help you better understand your own players’ maladaptive competitive behaviors. And 2nd, he focuses on the knowledge and advice designed to develop your skill in helping your players achieve mental toughness. 


Grateful Coaches...

"I was lucky enough to have Anthony educate me on player mental toughness development in 2012. After implementing many of the ideas with a female doubles team they achieved a 23% improved win rate and a regular top 5 WTA team ranking. I also combined with head coach Jim Thompson and Anthony to help our team's (Virginia Tech) returning players achieve a 25% improved singles win rate in 2015 which contributed to an all-time high season ending ranking for the school. I now regularly consult his advice in my current role as a USTA coach..."

Stephen Huss
USTA Coach; 2005 Wimbledon Doubles Champion

"I've had the chance to follow Anthony's knowledge through the huge impact he's had on my assistant coach Devin Bowen. We've taken Anthony's program, customized it for our players, and I saw the results of that first hand with a 23% improved win% for our returning players in 2015...I'm so fortunate to have had Anthony guide us through what can be a very complex part of the game."

David Roditi
(TCU; 2015 ITA National Coach of the Year)

"After falling just short of winning the National Championship for two consecutive years and seeing the heartbreak of our players, we knew we had to put a lot extra effort on mental preparation for the following season. Anthony's knowledge was the perfect support to help our players and coaches get over the psychological hump in 2016 and win our first NCAA Championship"

Hendrik Bode
Pacific University; 2016 NCAA Div II Champions

"When I became Head Coach at USF one of the 1st things I did was to seek Anthony's insight. He'd helped me immensely as a player and I now use his guidance to help me positively influence my players' lives on and off the court. People like Anthony Ross remind me of what we're all capable of"

Ashley Fisher
University of South Florida Head Coach

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