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Would You Like To:

  • Improve the quality of your services?
  • Better attract and serve parents' greatest desires for their kids?
  • Add an additional revenue stream to your business?
  • Improve your program's reputation in the eyes of parents who are looking for the experience which best develops their child's success for life?
  • Experience more of your players going on to achieve a big scholarship to his/her best college fit or playing on the professional circuit?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, here's how we can help...

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Group Consulting

We'll provide any combination of on-site and/or remote consulting + coach professional development (Zoom On-court group sessions now available)

MTT Academy Events

We'll deliver 1-time events ranging from 1/2 to 2 days. We also have limited opportunities available for you to secure a progression of events throughout the year (up to 8). This typically has a focus on squad/team off/on-court sessions, but we can also provide coach professional development and parent support workshops. 


Integrated Mental Fitness Program

This program is ideal if you want to run an integrated Mentally Tough Tennis Mental Fitness program in your Academy. In most of these cases we become the official Mental Fitness Partner for your Academy and you can use this in marketing your business. 


Individual Player Consulting

We provide individual player consulting services. If you refer one of your players to us you can choose to receive either a 20% ongoing referral fee which adds another revenue stream to your business, or a 20% consulting discount for the family.

4hr Time Block Consulting

Our 4hr Time Block consulting typically includes an initial Off-court Individual consult, an On-court Individual consult, and a follow up Off-Court consult (using Zoom).


UTR Ignite Individual Consulting

Our UTR Ignite Consulting is aimed at improving player UTR Rating maximally within a 6 month period. It typically includes Off/on-court consults; Pre/Post match WhatsApp consults; Tournament match observation and written report; and optional Parent/Coach consulting


Coach/Parent Support

We are also dedicated to providing the world's highest quality coach professional development and parent education services.

Coaching Mental Toughness Professional Development Class

Would you like to improve your skill in helping the players you coach who are underperforming to compete more effectively? If so, our comprehensive 6 week Professional Development class is for you...


Parent Support Workshop Series

Parents are the most crucial influencer  of your players' mental toughness outcomes. If you aren't providing our Parent Support Workshops via our Group Consulting options, I highly recommend that you give all parents within your program access to our 4 x per year Parent Support Workshop Series. I developed these workshops as part of my 3-year PhD collaboration with Tennis Australia.


Contact Me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to set up a time to chat :-)

"Partnering with Mentally Tough Tennis has been a game changer for us in connecting with our clients' desires and providing an incredible service to delight them"

Luke Bourgeois
Voyager Academy Director; 2017 Tennis Australia Development Coach of the Year; Coach of the 2018 Australian Boys High School National Champions (On-Site/Remote Consulting Programs Participant)

"Incorporating the Mentally Tough Tennis PACT Method culture into our program was key to us going from regular easy beats in our 9 school competition to becoming the dominant High School program in Queensland and ultimately National champions"

Chris Bates
Coach of the 2014 Australian Boys High School National Champions (On-Site Consulting Program Participant)

"Thanks again for another excellent session today Anthony, great as always to get your guidance"

Dan Kiernan
Director: SOTOTennis Academy Spain (Remote Consulting Program Participant)

Contact Me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to set up a time to chat :-)


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