We'll Help Your Child Reach His/Her Potential

  • Is your child aiming to achieve the best possible scholarship to his/her ideal college fit, or a potential professional career?
  • Does your child lose matches he/she should win due to choking, poor concentration, perfectionism/anger, giving up, or low confidence?
  • Do you feel frustrated at his/her underperformance, or helpless and confused in not knowing what to do to help?
  • Do you hope your child's junior tennis experience will result in skills that help him/her maximise success on and off the court (including the workplace)?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, here's how we can help...

Free Resources...

PACT Method Quick Guide

Our 'PACT Method Quick Guide' is an easy to understand introduction to the 4 Key Skills your child needs to improve mental toughness. 


Tennis Parent Support Booklet

Based on my 3 year PhD collaboration with Tennis Australia, this Booklet summarises the most important information to help you to best support your child's mental toughness on and off the court


Online Courses...

Off-Court Mental Fitness Challenge

Based on the 20-day challenge that Anthony implemented with the 2019-2020 North Carolina Men's program whose returning players had won 90% of their singles matches (an improvement of 25% compared to last year). Daily challenges are based on 5 key mental skills your child can develop off court.


UTR Rise On-Court Training Class (for players aged 12-18)

Previously only taught to our individual and academy clients, for the first time we're offering you the chance to learn our On-Court ABC Routine system to help you ignite your UTR/Ranking (We've taught this to Junior world #1's, College national championship winning teams, and ATP/WTA tour title winners). 


Future Stars Training Class (for players aged 7-11)

We've adapted our revolutionary PACT Mental Toughness Method and ABC On-Court Routine previously only taught to our individual and academy clients, to give you the chance to help your child develop great mental habits during the most important developmental period of all... pre-adolescence.


Developing Mental Toughness via Physical Training

A fantastic way for your child to develop mental toughness is via physical training activities. The good news is that we've partnered with our friends at Tennis Fitness to help your child in this area...They are the best in the world at physical training having trained 5 World #1s and some of the mentally toughest players of all time....


Individual Consulting...

Individual Consulting

Given the demand for our individual consulting now that we’re able to work on court with players anywhere in the world via Zoom, we’ll first need you to apply for your child to work with us. If successful, we'll offer you a no obligation 30min Free Initial Assessment to learn more about your child and explain our approach....


Grateful Parents and Players...

"Anthony was a warrior in the true sense of the word and he absolutely got the most out of his ability. If he wants to share his secrets on mental toughness and effective performance you better be part of it because he knows exactly what he is talking about"

Peter Smith
(Tennis parent to 3 boys; 5-Time NCAA Championship Winning USC Coach)

"Learning the Mentally Tough Tennis PACT process was crucial in me becoming Junior World #1 and competing in the Australian Open main draw when I was just 16 years old"

Jason Kubler
Former World Junior #1

"I’ve seen the benefits of my 3 children learning the PACT Process both on and off the court. I was excited to hear my 11 year-old daughter report applying the Process to perform well when she felt anxious during an exam. I’ve even used the strategies when about to facilitate a large meeting at work"

Julie-Anne Llewellyn
Tennis Mother of 3 Players

"Working with Mentally Tough Tennis on and off the court played a significant role in my development. It helped me get through my mental "slumps" and galvanised my fighting spirit. The process was an experience I've never got anywhere else"

Justin Barki
(Highest ATP doubles ranking in the world for any junior 2018; Princeton University Freshman)

"The Mentally Tough Tennis team's expertise, passion, and care resulted in my son Jack going from virtually unranked as a 14 year-old to being selected as Roger Federer's 2015 Brisbane International hitting partner, and earning a scholarship to USC where he is now an All-American. Witnessing Jack's personal and competitive development under their mentorship has been a great experience for both Jack and myself as a parent. "

Bill Jaede
Father of USC All-American Jack Jaede

"When working with Mentally Tough Tennis in High School, I worked on applying the PACT process to not only tennis but school contexts like exams as well. It was a great help on my journey to becoming school captain, then a wonderful college experience, and now the working world where I still apply the skills I learned on a daily basis"

Philip Janz
Senior Advisor, Queensland Family and Child Commission

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