Retirement Party Activity


During times when our actions aren’t matching our stated Purpose on a consistent basis, it’s great to complete this 4-question activity to help re-commit to helpful actions for the next time we are going on-court.

1.) Imagine you are attending your own retirement party from sport. If the party was to occur right now what would people important to you (e.g., your coach, parents) say about your involvement in tennis?

2.) Now imagine that the retirement party is occurring in the future. What would you like these people to say at this time about your sports participation?

3.) How does what they would say now compare to what you wish they would have to say?

4.) What’s the smallest, easiest action you could take in your next session to make it more likely they would say things that reflect what is important to you?

If you'd like a copy of the Retirement Party Activity, click here...