The Crucial Foundation of Ash Barty's Accelerating Dominance




What an incredible effort by Ash Barty :-)

Whenever we hear Ash talk about her tennis, one thing that is clear is the incredible relationship she has with her support team.

As she talked about her victory post-match, her pride in the fact that her complete support team has remained the same since her comeback to tennis in 2018 after taking 18 months away from the game was obvious. This is incredibly rare in tennis, and almost unheard of in the womens' game.

This, above all, says a lot about Ash's loyalty, and tennis families and players can learn from it.

Listen here to her dad Rob talking to me about the pressure from outside the team for Ash to sack her coach Craig Tyzzer in 2018 when her comeback wasn't meeting some peoples' expectations...

And how Ash responded at the time. 

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